Drawing the Line: Indian Women Fight Back

In the first week of March, 2015 I received two copies from Zubaan books of Drawing the Line: Indian Women Fight Back, a graphic stories anthology, one of the stories being written and drawn by me! It is a set of 14 inspiring stories woven around diverse concerns that women face in India today, and how they meet these challenges.

IMG_8795                       IMG_8801

IMG_8803                       IMG_8804

IMG_8805                       IMG_8808


My story focuses on the Manipuri activist Irom Sharmila and her now 15 year long hunger strike against violence by the army on women and others in her state. It is both a personal and a political story. I drew from my experience of meeting her, photos of her and news clips over the past few years. The drawings are in pencil and charcoal with very little photoshop work. The cover is a collage of drawings from all the stories. 🙂

The book is published by Zubaan Books and the Goethe Institute Delhi. To buy :



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