This project started around my master’s final exhibition, and I plan to continue it with more stories. I’ve been exploring storytelling – with graphic stories, illustrations and photo essays / collages. While thinking about how to work with a space / object structure, I began to cut out the frames of drawings, to create layered lightboxes.

Each box is composed of multiple layers of paper, these together make a single image for the viewer. Behind these is a light source. For this exhibition I made a set of four such boxes, which together held a simple narrative of a girl coming out from a cocoon in a jungle, to a big city with her cat like companion.

What made this body of work more magical, was that the lights in each box were programmed to come on and dim out slowly, with a audio track doing the same for each box. The four followed each other in a sequential loop. (videos to come soon!). The programming was done with a friend, who made several additions to the work!

IMG_8991 IMG_8993 IMG_8994 IMG_8997


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