Exhibiting at Sahmat

The Safdar Hashmi Memorial Trust organises an annual celebration of secularism bringing together a number of cultural performances and exhibits, around the new year. For the 2016 edition there was a large section dedicated to forms of visual art that build dialogues around human rights, democracy and secularism. The works included videos, posters from peoples movements down the years, paintings and – my comic ‘The Poet, Sharmila’:) The exhibition was curated by Vivan Sundaram and John Xaviers and was part of the other events at the same venue – the Constitution Club.

Being inherently opposed to the market network that most galleries are ensconced and guided by, having my work exhibited at the Sahmat gathering was a way to locate it in alternative modes of seeing, creating exchange and new dialogues centered in cultural experiences. Also, since it wasn’t a regular gallery hanging system, we adapted and experimented with how to hang the panels from my comic – using mesh standing boards and clips.

Here are a few images from this exhibition:IMG_20160101_162655180IMG_20160101_184626946



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